In many organisations, Directors and top management are typically “fighting fires” and in many cases, the last to know when there are problems occurring within the organisation. This could be in the form of fraud occurring, safety failures, theft, staff productivity loss through poor work processes, staff abuses etc. If these are not actively identified and resolved quickly, the organisation may face severe consequences like loss of key clients, loss of key staff, potential litigations and negative public image.


Whistleblowing program enables the following:


  • promotes transparency and ensures that there is adequate feedback to Directors and Management
  • serves as preventive controls by sending a clear signal to all employees and stakeholders that the Organisation takes fraud and misconduct seriously, thereby creating an effective deterrent
  • nips issues before they become problems




Tricor Roots understands the challenge of implementing an effective Whistleblowing platform that just works. With the use of Tricor Roots’ innovative web-based case management system, and various other channels, reviewed by experienced analysts, the WE-Care whistleblowing service provides a complete and easy solution for you. Our services include:


  • Development of Whistleblowing Policies and Procedures
  • Conduct awareness training for staff, and the provision of Whistleblowing posters and message boards
  • Provision of the WE-Care System, a fully web-enabled Case-Management system, which enables all whistleblowing cases to be logged and tracked to resolution
  • Provision of multiple key reporting channels for employees and stakeholders, which includes:
  • Confidential reporting to top management
  • On a need basis, independent investigation services* may be provided where Tricor Roots’ works with external forensic experts for highly confidential and sensitive issues


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