Globally, less than 10% of strategies formulated are effectively executed. The challenge most companies face is to have a robust and balanced strategic management system. The Balanced Scorecard Concept (BSC) operationalizes the vision and creates a system of linked Objectives, Measures, Targets, and Initiatives to help companies effectively execute their strategy. The Scorecard can be cascaded down into business divisions at operational levels to create an Enterprise-wide Performance Management System.


The BSC has also been actively used by CEO’s and the HR function globally to drive enterprise, but more importantly individual performance, and build a performance oriented culture.

How We Can Help

Tricor Roots is a thought leaderĀ in the area of strategy formulation and execution using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) framework. Tricor Roots designs individual performances measures or what are also commonly called ‘Individual Balanced Scorecards’ CEO downwards, and across the organization leveraging its 15 years of expertise in this subject. Its expertise ensures that the Performance Measures motivate, not demotivate people, and are designed keeping the following principles in mind.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Aligned to enterprise scorecards and strategy.
  • Build Scorecards that is industry specific and function specific measurements.
  • Weightages of measures carefully designed across the organisation, and across a function.
  • Easy to understand and linked to variable compensation.