Organisations today face tremendous challenges in view of the economic pressures brought about by globalisation, increased competition, changing consumer demands and the ever fast changing environment arising from technological advancements. In order to prosper in this competitive environment, Organisations have to develop and successfully execute winning strategies, whilst translating strategies into achievable measures for everyone within the organisation via an Integrated Enterprise Performance Management Framework.




We understand the strategic importance of an Enterprise Performance Management (PMS) Framework to your organisation to enable the strategies to be effectively clarified, aligned and implemented. Leveraging on our extensive experience and background in Enterprise Governance and the Balanced Scorecard, our no-nonsense methodical approach enables Tricor Roots Consulting to assist as you put in place a comprehensive PMS framework within a short time-frame and empowers Organisations to answer the following questions:


  • Fundamentally, are our strategies ‘right’ and achievable?
  • Is our organisation appropriately positioned to implement our stated strategies?
  • Are our goals and strategies succeeding?
  • Do we have the right resources, processes, business model and people to implement our strategies?




At Tricor Roots Consulting, we can assist your organization with a wide variety of services:


  • Quality assurance/ Health check on your Performance Management framework and processes
  • Build awareness of the Balanced Scorecard and create permanent lasting cultural-shift towards a performance and strategy focused organisation
  • Setting up a structured Performance Management & Reward System (PMRS) framework centered around the Balanced Scorecard approach and customized to your organization’s specific requirements
  • Design, development and implementation of Performance Reporting templates & Directorial/ Management Dashboards
  • Setup accountability and transparency in performance management and analysis
  • Integrating your Performance Management and ERM Framework to deliver a holistic approach towards Governance




Critical to the implementation is the automation of the Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard process through the Q-RADAR System software. Click here to find out how the Q-RADAR supports the PMRS Process


Our solutions integrate knowledge, experience and technology into a comprehensive approach for effective Governance.


For further information or to find out how Tricor Roots Consulting can help to enhance your Performance Management, contact us.