In today’s challenging times, Organisations more than even need to put in place a framework that supports a culture of safety and accountability. This affect Organisations from all industries, including Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Financial Services, and more. Having a robust, yet simple framework to report incidences across the organisation allows issues to be identified quickly and underlying root causes to be detected and mitigated.

How We Can Help

We understand that setting up and embedding a practical and effective Enterprise-wide Incident Report process can be a challenging process. Tricor Roots has a suite of solutions that can greatly simplify the process, encouraging incidences to be easily reported, whilst at the same time, enabling reported incidences to be systematically analyzed for the underlying root causes.

Our Services and Technology Include:

  • Incident reporting culture and standardization processes.
  • Deliver mechanism for incidences to investigated and root cause analyses to be conducted.
  • Integrate with Enterprise Risk Management to measure against control effectiveness.
  • Satisfy Basel II/III incident reporting requirements.
  • Enables improvement plans to be identified and tracked.


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