Risk and Control Self-Assessment

Risk and Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) is a critical Risk Management concept used for the continuous process of identifying, monitoring and mitigation of risks. Fundamental to an effective RCSA process is the process of continuous Control Self-Testing process. This is to ensure identified controls is designed effectively and is being adhered to. RCSA is a core component of having an effective ERM or ORM process.

How We Can Help

Risk comes from uncertainty in reaching your objectives. Find the perfect balance by getting a clear picture of your operational risk and opportunities. Building an effective Operational Risk Management (ORM) Framework involves having an integrated, holistic process, involving the use of technology to inculcate and sustain permanent culture change within the organization. Ensuring risk management is embedded in a practical manner in all key areas within the organization is critical to ensuring there is a systematic manner in which business decisions are made.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Develop an enterprise-wide Risk and Control Self-Assessment Process, supported by robust Self-Testing methodology
  • Integration of the RCSA Process to other critical areas of ORM, including continuous KRI monitoring, centralised issue management and loss-event reporting.

Q-RADAR ERM Software Implementation

Critical to the implementation is the automation of the Operational Risk Management through the Q-RADAR System software. Click here to find out how the Q-RADAR supports the ORM Process.


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