Board Members, CEOs, CFOs and other members of the senior leadership team are facing unprecedented levels of business complexity, changing geopolitical threats, increasingly onerous regulations and legislation, and increasing Stakeholder demands.



How We Can Help


Risk comes from uncertainty in reaching your objectives. Find the prefect balance by getting a clear picture of your operational risk and opportunities. Building an effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework involves an integrated, holistic process, involving the use of technology to inculcate and sustain permanent culture change within the organization. Ensuring risk management is embedded in a practical manner in all key areas within the organization is critical to ensuring there is a systematic manner in which business decisions are made.


Our Areas of Expertise Include:

Building awareness of ERM and creating a balance between Performance Management & Risk Management in line with ISO 31000 and COSO ERM.

  • Assess your risk appetite and translating that into a Risk Policy and Process.
  • Developing a risk profile of your organisation, providing for facilitated issues analysis
  • Design, development and implementation of Risk Reporting templates & Directorial/ Management Dashboards
  • Quality Assurance/ Health Check and benchmark of existing ERM programs against best practices

Risk Management Smartsourcing

For Organisations seeking to achieve best practice capabilities in Risk Management but without incurring the high cost of retaining your own Risk Professsionals, Tricor Roots Consulting also provides Risk Management Outsource/ Smart-Source Services. Please contact us to find out more.



Q-RADAR ERM Software Implementation

Critical to the implementation is the automation of the Strategic Enterprise Risk Management through the Q-RADAR System software. Click here to find out how the Q-RADAR supports the ERM Process.


For further information or to find out how Tricor Roots Consulting can help to enhance your Enterprise Risk Management, please contact us.