Compliance requirements are affecting an increasing number of business processes. Many specialized processes are being designed solely to meet industry specific regulations. As Organisations rush to meet compliance requirements, there are often significant duplication in Compliance activities and process, leading to reduction in efficiency, and escalate the cost of compliance. This inefficiency also leads to a difficulty in tracking internal Compliance Audits, leading to potential gaps that may cost the Organisation significantly both financially and in non-financial terms.

How We Can Help

Tricor Roots’ professionals help Organisations to develop, implement and maintain effective regulatory and internal policy Compliance Programs that optimize the benefits of their compliance investment, prevent or minimise breaches and protect their reputations. ¬†The programs allow the compliance officers to have detailed visibility over the Compliance environment within the Organisation, decreasing duplication of work and highlight compliance gaps to management on a timely basis.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:


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