Critical to every Business Continuity Management/Crisis Management Process is to embed an Emergency Notification Management Process via the use of an Emergency Notification System (ENS). For an ENS to be effective, it must support multi-channel communication channels to ensure that messages can reach individuals or groups to keep them informed before, during and after critical events. This means it should support such communication channels as SMS, Email, Dashboard and more.  This multifaceted approach ensures all key individuals are notified on a timely basis, and enables timely action to respond and recover from any crisis events.

What the system can do for you

With Q-RADAR’s Emergency Notification system, we support:


  • Integration to the Business Continuity Management module within Q-RADAR for direct access to Organisation-wide contact lists.
  • Multi-channel 2-way simultaneous communications (Dashboard/SMS/Email) for active notification.
  • Real time tracking of responses to identify exceptions or non-responses.
  • Tracking of recovery actions via live dashboards.
  • Ideal for conducting Call Tree Testing.