With increasing interconnectivity of economies and businesses, Business Continuity Management is increasingly vital to ensure that an organisation is prepared for any disruption that may occur. This may come in the form of a supply chain disruption, external events through to internal crisis. Being ready gives your organisation a sustainable edge.

How We Can Help

Tricor Roots understands the challenge of implementing a practical and effective Business Continuity Management program for organisations to prepare them for what tomorrow may bring. With the use of Tricor Roots’ expertise and implementation experience, we can help organisations complete BCM projects efficiently & effectively, whilst leveraging on technology via the Q-RADAR to ensure there is firm continuity.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:






Mod 2 ENS-Emergency Notification System

  • BCM Planning and initiation in line with ISO 22301.
  • Health check of your existing BCM framework & program.
  • Conduct of Business impact Analysis (BIA).
  • Integration of BCM with Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Business Continuity Exercises.
  • BCM Training & Awareness.
  • Automation of BCM using the Q-RADAR GRCtech system.

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