The CCS is an enhancement module to the Corporate Risk Scorecard. The CCS provides an analysis tool which provides a group-wide “birds-eye” view of the Risk Management process. From the Enterprise level, the CCS will enable management to “drill-down” and identify where gaps or weaknesses exist anywhere within the organisation.


The CCS System is ideal for Risk Management and Internal Audit to obtain an automatic Consolidated view of the Risk Profiles within the organisation at all levels. The auto-consolidation process compiles and aggregates key risks throughout the organisation and individual scorecards automatically, providing a real-time objective view of the Company’s achievement in management of risks.


What the system can do for you

Mod 8 CCS-CRS Consolidator n Scoring

Some of the key functionalities of the CCS module includes:


  • Ability to consolidate and analyse risk across multiple perspectives, from entity, business line and product.
  • Multiple drill down levels to ensure risk can be analysed all the way to the source.