The Corporate Digital certification process leverages on the identified risk information for line management to independently verify and provide assurance to the Risk & Internal Audit function and the Board on the accuracy and completeness of risk information. The module also forms the core function to automate the Approval Workflow process throughout the Q-RADAR system.


The CDA is an assurance enabler, which automates the reporting process and enables assurance on risks, controls and management actions to be provided from a bottom-up approach, from the line management through to Top management, RMC and the Board.


The CDA leverages on the core CRS risk database and the risk “ownership” concept to drive a powerful and flexible assurance process. Through this approach, the CDA provides valuable assurance to the Risk Management Committee & the Board of Directors before signing the Statement on Internal Control.

What the system can do for you

CDA-Corporate Digital Assurance

Some of the key functionalities of the CDA module includes:


  • Embeds an approval workflow process to ensure a systematic risk reporting and sign-off process.
  • Supports the CRS process through automating a regular risk reporting process without manual intervention.
  • Centrally track risk responses across the Organisation.