Get Deep GRC Insight using GRCtech

Leverage on the world-class Q-RADAR system


Strategic Corporate Performance Management

Ensures Organisational Alignment


Build an Independent and Structured Program

Whistleblowing Program


Avoid Surprises and Close Compliance Gaps

Corporate Compliance Program


Predictive Risk Analytics

Provides deep insight into your Governance, Risk & Compliance data


Build Organisation Resilience

Business Continuity Management

Strategic Governance, Risk & Compliance

In today’s challenging times, organisations more than ever need to design and execute winning strategies whilst effectively managing risks, ever prepared for business disruptions and operating within its legal, regulatory & internal compliance boundaries. Tricor Roots Consulting makes this possible with an integrated and comprehensive platform for Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) aligned to Performance Management.

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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity & Risk Management

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Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management, Accounting & Finance, Internal Audit

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Compliance Management

Legal & Compliance, Company Secretary, Internal Audit

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Performance Management

Corporate Planning, Strategy Function, Human Resource

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Legal & Compliance, Internal Audit, Board Audit Committee

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Corporate Governance

Board of Directors, Company Secretary & Governance Management

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